• Has your home ever been damaged from flooding, wind, rain, hail or snow?
  • Do you have insurance and make a claim, but the deductible has to be met to complete the repairs?
  • Have you ever had a car accident and had to drive around with a damaged vehicle after you reported to the insurance company because the deductible was more than you could afford at that time?
  • If your home is damaged and/or you have a car accident would you have $500 to $2000 available to pay your deductible?

We at wpayd.com have a warranty for your deductible at a price anyone can afford and ease the worries of having a high deductible for lower rates. For about 1.5% of your deductible monthly, we will pay your deductible when the time comes and if you do not we will return 25% of your premium, if you do not use your warranty, every 2 years. Click on the website to apply for your warranty today.

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Pay only what you can afford.
There’s a warranty to fit almost any deductible.
 Deductible Coverage  Monthly Pmt. 
 $250.00   $3.75
 $500.00  $7.50
 $750.00  $11.25
 $1000.00  $15.00
 $2000.00  $30.00

“WPAYD.com is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time. Even with insurance, a deductible can be a huge hit to your finances. WPAYD.com means you don’t have to worry. This is a warranty that makes sense for everybody.”

-Ulrich Baker, Insurance Broker