About the Owner

Joseph (Joe) Coleman Jr. is the dynamic driving force behind We Pay All Your Deductibles. As the principal of this innovative business, he has full charge to broker this warranty. Joe has been a Design engineer, personal trainer, life insurance agent and life Insurance broker.

Joe's first career was as a successful automotive engineer, where he specialized in vehicle development for international companies including Ford Motor Company, GM, and Fiat Chrysler (Formerly Chrysler/Daimler-Chrysler).

In addition, Joe succeeded in turning his passion for health, fitness, healthy eating and strength training into a successful, multifaceted business. Initially the benefit of his health/wellness business (Massive Training, Inc). was only extended to a few close friends and co-workers, but through word of mouth, Joe's skills as a "natural body expert" soon were in demand throughout the Detroit metropolitan area.

The consummate entrepreneur, Joe has a keen eye for value and market timing, and has used his vision and instincts to guide him through several downturns in the economy. With the launch of this new venture, "We Pay All Your Deductibles" (www.wpayd.com), Joe fills a critical business niche by providing coverage and assistance to pay deductibles for a wide variety of insurances.

As a husband of more than 20 years and father of two active pre-teens, Joe balances an active lifestyle with passion, a strong family commitment, and a high degree of business acumen to ensure that he creates legacy for the next generation.

Who we are

WPAYD.com was created by Joseph Coleman Jr., entrepreneur and successful business owner with experience in the security and personal safety industry. After seeing people who had continuously paid their insurance premiums struggling to afford high deductibles when tragedy struck, Mr. Coleman created a solution: a warranty program so affordable that anyone can erase the worry of high deductibles.

How Does it Work?

You have insurance, but how are you going to find the cash to pay your deductible when you need it?

With WPAYD.com you can have access to the cash you need to pay your deductible in case of:

  • Fire or wind damage to your home
  • A cracked screen on your phone
  • An auto accident
  • Or any other incident that requires you to pay a deductible

Save money on your insurance. Increase your deductible to get the lower rate, and purchase the WPAYD.com warranty for much less than your insurance premium, knowing that when you need funds to pay your deductible, you’ve got them.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pay only what you can afford. There’s a warranty to fit almost any deductible.

Deductible Coverage / Monthly Pmt.

$250.00 / $3.75

$500.00 / $7.50

$750.00 / $11.25

$1000.00 / $15.00

$2000.00 / $30.00

How Do I Redeem My Warranty?

  1. Upload the quote from your insurance company. (The name, policy number and amount of the deductible must match the name, policy number and amount of the deductible on your warranty.)
  2. If the warranty has not been redeemed within the past 24 months, WPAYD.com will credit the deductible amount to the bank account or credit card on file within 48 hours.
  3. We will return 25%  of your money every 24 months but if you ACT NOW (Before December 31, 2018) we will return 40% of your cash every 24 months, if you do not use your warranty, for the life of warranty.

How Often Can I Use My Warranty?

You can redeem your warranty once in a 12-month period.

Does using my warranty increase my payment amount?

No. Your monthly payments will not go up, even if you redeem your warranty.

What if I want to cancel my warranty?

Cancel any time with 30 days’ notice.

What if I don’t need to use the warranty?

If you go two years without redeeming your warranty, in your 25th month in the program, we’ll refund 25% of your warranty payments. Unless you sign up before December 31, 2018 then you will receive 40% of your payments.

When can I use my wpayd.com?

You can make a claim on the 6th day of the month after your 3rd monthly payment.

Can I sign up for more than one warranty?

Yes. You have to have the paperwork (insurance paperwork as requested on the sign up page) to apply for each warranty.

Does the deductible of the warranty I purchase have to match the deductible on my insurance paperwork?

You can apply for any warranty you want (pay the stated premium) but you have to have an insurance policy that is requesting a deductible.

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Enroll in the WPAYD.com warranty program. There is a non-refundable $20.00 processing fee.
  2. Your warranty payment will be withdrawn on the 5th day of the month.
  3. Click here to get started!

Next Steps...

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